Archers 2000, Kamandar
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Welcome To Archers2000
As you might have noticed, we have been trying to maintain our chat rooms acceptable for all of our guests. We hope that we have satisfied your expectations. We will be recording IP Addresses, and ISP names for security reasons. All the information are strictly confidential and will not be revealed to a third party.

What does that mean?
More fun for everybody. Now you can have pure intellectual and healthy conversations with your friends and make new friends. Because, the handful of our mislead friends who don't want to respect others or their IQ has not Exceeded 2 digits will have no place here until they change their manners. Those who do not respect the chat room rules will suffer the consequences.

We have only one rule:

No offensive language and vulgarity.

We wish you all a pleasant time chatting.

You have two Options:

Please choose a room from one of the traditional text chat rooms:

Orf you can choose one of our new 3D rooms to enter:

As the name implies, 3D chat is a three dimensional chat. It is very interesting and fun. You will agree after you tried it for yourself!

You can move around using your mouse. Enter a nickname to chat:

Your Name:

We are also trying very hard to have a voice chat room (similar to the one that we had before) available to our friends. If you wish to help us to bring you this service, please visit our Helping YourIran (Archers2000) page.